working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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July 3, 2012 ,

Greetings everyone!

Inspired by the growing indie game culture and recent developments, i decided to tell one of my stories using an point&click adventure. The game is based on a shortfilm concept created 2007 by Babette Kahn and myself and plays around a spared “handycapped” grape waking up in a compost heap. :)

Adapting it was more difficult then i thought at first, but, eventually i`m pretty happy how it all progressed and transformed into something interactive. Though the story has almost completely changed, just the main character (for the most part) , some side characters and the overall setting remained the same.

Its now 5 weeks into (pre)production and the basic structure of the story is finished (including most key puzzles), and all characters are brainstormed / defined.

After some research i decided my best weapon of choice to handle the basic game design would be Google Docs. (the “drawings” are especially useful).. but i already had one day of terror, where i got disconnected every few minutes, which made working impossible (welcome to the cloud :D ) to be fair, it happend just once in ~30 days. (but i`m exporting PDFs on a regular basis since ;) )
(Google seems to have some kind of “chrome only” policy ;) because the performance you get out of mozilla or other browsers is terrible (i`ve no idea  how Safari/etc performs))

In the upcoming months i am going to fill this blog with production infos, experiences (painful ones, i guess ;) ) and all variations of works in progress..The plan is to share techniques, maybe a few scripts and general behind the scenes info over the entire production time from start to finish.

What do you think?

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