working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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WHAT THE …?!? “thanks” google

July 10, 2012 ,

it seems i`ve  pressed my luck a little bit to much… i already had some connection problems in the past, but starting on saturday google “draw” couldnt handle my flowchart anymore…..

“Is it simply getting slower or too slow to work with?” well….. not exactly….the truth is, it was slow from the start, and now it doesnt display the text anymore. (but the data is still there, i could even edit it.. “?” but after 10 minutes i got a “trying to connect to error message… great….)

the good news is, i was able to download a PDF which showed everything as expected… but a new solution had to be found (Cloud my a**)…

eventually my document @ google started to work again after 3 days, but i already began to “port” it over to ApacheOpenOffice, which is way faster, less buggy (and i`m not talking about the connection issues), has more features, and is definitly less “virtual” and “theoretical” to work with. ;)

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