working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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the struggle with new/improving skills

January 20, 2013 ,

There are two ways (probably a lot more ;) )  to plan/produce an indie game. The “can’t wait” and the “plan first”(but probably never start) approach. I’m definitely part of the second camp, especially when it comes to 3D animation. the hours are too long and too dry ;) to throw 3D assets or animations away…so I tend to plan/concept very carefully before I start working on anything. While this is for sure “the professional way” to do it, it comes with some downsides.

  1. you got almost nothing to show off until the preproduction and part of the production is done. so it’s hard to stay motivated (especially if your profession has nothing to do with the preproduction phase and you’ll have to learn as you go.)
  2. you are probably working on it alone, because most people won’t be excited to see some sketches or a trashy prototype (granted… it’s based on the same problem as point one…) and who can blame them! it’s true… its way “cooler”  to play a single room with final”ish” graphics and audio, then to see an inanimate dummy stick figure scrolling linearly on some rough pencil backgrounds.

but just to make one thing clear: I still prefer (by far)  to plan ahead before i start working on any 3D model.

in my case, when I started to work on the first sketches for mold, my painting-skills were way below average, but working on a project over such a long period of time, eventually means you get better at things (I’m proudly considering my skills slightly below average right now.. ;) ) while this is one of the main reasons why I’m working on private projects like this game, it’s also a big issue when creating content… a pretty serious issue I might add. Older sketches, paintings, concept designs of characters and set designs are getting visually worse every time I finish a new one… so as long my 2D skills are not up to par, I’ll continue to have this problem – soooo I’ll probably have to redo some of my initial ones…

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