working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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endurance challenge: Scene Nr.1

January 27, 2013 , , ,

… yeah.. this scene keeps changing and changing. The first sketches were pretty much 2 dimensional (also layout wise), mainly because the Visionaire engine had(still has) no built-in feature to slow down the character when he’s getting smaller in the distance. (Which is still a big problem if you ask me) so my approach back then was to use different kind of sets:

  • some should be more like a 2D sidescrollers (almost no depth)
  • some should be viewed from top (no depth)
  • some should have more perspective, but the character couldn’t walk too deep into it)

here are some production steps of the prototype background, the final bg will be rendered in 3D (just as a reminder ;) )


well, after I resolved the scale/speed issue (months ago, with a cheesy workaround), I started to draw newer backgrounds with way more depth… which meant the first scene (the one I looked at, every time I worked on the prototype) had to be altered.

so I drew this sketch,

and added it to the dummy prototype scene:


but guess what? ;) i wasnt really happy with it… the hole beginning (story) of the game wasn’t as good as it needs to be, and this scene was getting more and more cramped….. in addition to that, visionaire can’t really handle multiple different perspectives per scene (at least there are quite a few issues, at least in my case), therefore i decided to split it up (into a “spotlight” scene and a separate “book” scene)

so it was time to crank out pencil & paper again…. this is my current :) sketch of the right side:


and that’s how scene 1 currently looks in the prototype (all overlayed foreground images are hidden)


thats all for now, i’ll post the new “book scene” in one of the upcoming blog posts….

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