working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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the scope of the game

February 6, 2013 ,

my old diagram got bigger and bigger, and now basically serves as “the place where i note and dump everything”. It includes key dialogs, even game conditions, basically every info available.


so to compare it properly with the recently finished length research of “Day of the Tentacle” and “Monkey Island 1” (which will be published soon aswell), I started to create a similar, simpler diagram (better overview, and its way faster to edit). Eventually it turned  out that Mold was almost as complex as DOTT (considering scenes/characters/items). so at first I thought (in my utter delirium):

“nice! that’s exactly what I was aiming for, length wise!”

the next step was to calculate the approximate work hours of all assets, animations, dialogs, cutscenes etc…. and there it was…

…the nasty surprise I was waiting for ;)

the calculation showed a shocking 620-ish days of work would be necessary to complete it!! (after preproduction I might add, in which I’m still in btw. ;) ) and I didn’t add much buffer either….

sooooo… We’ll have to cut/trim it drastically… (hopefully to get down to 300-ish or something, which unfortunately means: Sets have to be removed or merged, the usage of NPCs has to be limited to the absolute (story essential) minimum, cg rendered cutscenes during the game? ha! ;)

after two evenings of trimming, the “game” looks like this at the moment:
(some items/objects are still missing, but basically that’s it)

( left = NEW / right = OLD )

as you can see, quite a lot got cut (while keeping most (all?) puzzles in tact). Some sets and characters will be missed ;), but some stuff got better aswell… it’s always healthy to cut unnecessary weight ;)

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