working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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WIP: character modeling (3D)

February 17, 2013 ,

BAM! here it is: the first actual 3D rendering of something :) and not just something! This one is going to be our protagonist!

Babette Kahn modeled him and his walnut in Softimage, based on this loose sketch  I did around a year ago.


She did a great job matching the likeness (it’s really not that easy, even if it’s basically just a ball with eyes ;) )


I’ve rendered this preview using SolidAngles Arnold (basic shaders, and a simple lighting setup) (this is how I usually create approval images to be sent out to clients (for modeling milestones only, of course))

the “arms” are still going to be changed a bit (they look too much like wings right now) and he is missing some accessories (which I’m going to model in the next days/weeks). Babette already started to model one of the ants (better said: the one master which will serve as a base for the other two), which should also be finished pretty soon. So stay tuned!

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