working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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progress everywhere, but at a glacial pace

March 24, 2013

while there is progress on almost all fronts (new background and character concepts, new stuff in 3D, etc.), I’m still overwhelmed by the mountain of work still to come.. and even worse (motivational speaking) I’m still unhappy with the beginning of the game…. well you could say, I’m stuck… (at 95% since months! which annoys the c**p out of me, to tell you the truth) I already tried and failed to fix it several times, so I think I’m in desperate need for a vacation to clear my head and get some needed distance… (before resorting to the usual solution of a stuck writer: alcohol :) )

but as long I’m still here (and still sober ;)) that’s what we are currently up to:

my main focus lies on the 3D production of the protagonist, to create our first print teaser image (poster style, which is like the first thing everybody creates) I even dare to make the hypothesis that close to all aborted,¬†abandoned, and forgotten game/shortfilm projects had at least a poster with some fancy credits….. :)

We also started screengrabbing our 3D sessions, so if the resulting image is any good ;) and time permits it, you can expect a series of 3-10min movies of the entire process. (well almost….. some modeling was done some time ago by Babette and wasnt recorded).

so stay tuned!

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