working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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Status Report.

April 29, 2013

Hi everybody!

sorry, I’m running late with this weeks update…. my workload maxed out over the last weeks, so I had a hard time committing any time to mold. Writing this post almost feels like a luxury… even if it’s kinda work, too ;)

so what happened, whats the status?

  • I have worked on the main character over the last month and finished all accessories (“all” = three ;) ), and about 90% of the main body.. this process was screen captured almost all the way through, which brings me to…
  • … the editing of 3 short makingOf videos (of about 8? not totally sure yet..), which unfortunately caused a lot of collateral work (experimenting with capture codecs, designing/creating the intro and outro, finding fitting music, .. uhh …. lots of editing, and the usual nightmarish compression action.) – but i think they came out real nicely, so I’ll cross my fingers that at least someone’s gonna like them (i’ll prepare my fan, in case a shitstorm raises ;) ) I’ll post these monthly(maybe biweekly at best), one at the time, to give me a (slight) chance to keep up…
  • Babette finished the modeling and rigging of the ant, the next step will be UVs and shaders.
  • the size/length analysis of Monkey Island 1 is finished aswell, it just needs a final check or two before i am willing to post it.
  • and last but not least the story got a little bit of love, and I’m still somewhat stuck (design wise) on scene_01… other scenes progress nicely (slow though).

sooooo and whats next?

  • mhhh i’ll have to throw an eye on social networks :/ I’ve managed to avoid it completly until now (i’m not the social type anyway :D ), but i’ll give it a shot when there is some downtime.
  • I need to finish up the main character including ant, and create a nice teaser image.. and consequently finish recording / editing the first badge of makingOfs….
  • the same time, start the 3D production of an approved background, and head towards a playable proof of concept.
  • lock down the story, and develope the game as rough prototype… (and that’s “in the far future”)

.. still a very long way to go….

that’s all folks!

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