working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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the first major setback….

June 10, 2013

…. well, I really ran into that one ;) I should have known better,
but there you go…

I was working on the makingOf videos for the game during the last months (and used mostly music tracks of pretty unknown but great musicians, with the expectation / or at least some hope ;)  of getting a license (free or very cheap) to use it for these noncommercial/free videos. (you are probably getting a sense where this is heading ;) )

so, without any examples to show off (and the urge to try it) I started to cut the first one with different music styles (eventually settled for one of course), and developed the overall “style”. So, fast forward to today – 3 videos are finished, it was about time to contact the first musician. I was very optimistic, because the first musician isn’t really popular (so you’d think advertising is always welcome), I encountered him on YouTube, and he is austrian aswell (well I should have known better… ;) ….greedy little bast***s).

soooo, long story short, his management made an offer of 2500.- euro/year for one song :) yes, two thousand five hundred for one track to be used in a free non-commercial Vimeo movie.. and thats per year.

so, instantly after i got this email, I removed the password protected test movie on Vimeo, just to be save. (license wise), and started to look for (affordable) alternatives..

what a month ;)

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