working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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Status report

June 27, 2013

ok, after two miserable blog posts, this project has to regain some positive momentum :). All my commercial jobs are finished, and i avoided the usual “after-Work-depression” by ordering a lot of new equipment ;) – which unfortunately consumes almost all of my time right now, because a lot has to be assembled, setupped or even built. (and tons of old stuff has to be sorted and cleaned to regain some space)

Nevertheless we’ve worked on some administrative tasks like:

  • …searching and licensing of new music for the makingOf movies. (I bought around 40 tracks in the heat of the battle ;) but for less than 40 euros, so no big loss even if I’d use just a few.)
  • …story fine tuning. (the first steps to consolidate all old discarded ideas/elements and the current story draft)
  • we bought a license of 3DCoat (to build some parts of the organic sets and assets).
  • an estimate of all animations/angles convinced me to set up a decent production pipeline ;). I’ve installed a free opensource rendermanagment package, and I resurrected an old athlon x2 to serve as dispatch server.
  • The renderNode/server energy footprints were reduced by removing graphic cards, drives, well pretty much every piece of unneeded hardware in there.
  • we had a living discussion about the project file structure ;). some elements are too TVC/3D production specific, so we need to find a good compromise to cover “game design” aswell. (but I think I’ll need to code something to make this somewhat comfy (or beg some TD friends ;) )

on the production side… i redrew two existing character concepts (mhhh… I should work on some new stuff), and created the 3d camera setup (angles) of the main character.

that’s pretty much it, thanks for reading!

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