working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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a strange angle for inspiration

August 8, 2013 , ,


Hi guys!

I’ve been pretty busy in the last weeks – again I’ve invested ( I don’t wanna use “wasted”, yet ;) ) an uncomfortable, uncountable amount of hours in the story ( ;) but i think it’s always a good investment, no matter what).

Unfortunately I didn’t progress at all 3D production wise (mostly because I’m currently working on a 3D job day by day), but my part and involvement will be done this week, so expect more regular updates from then on. ok – lets say starting after the holiday season, in september ;) … but I’ll try my best to keep up.

on the top you are looking at my latest set design (which is meant to be underwater), but what exactly has happened here to deserve more text @ 4am than usual? well, 360 degrees earlier the image started and looked like this: (a kind of bridge… boring and pretty regular)
(i think you can guess where i’m going with this ;) )

after i rotated it around, I got the idea to create a big un-balanced rock, so 90 degrees later I had something like this:

..which was definitely more interesting, but still, didn’t rock my boat enough to truly commit to it. Soooo another 90 degrees later, but basically back where I came from, I got to this point:


which was better and somehow unusual, but with another 180 degrees, it finally really caught my eye ….

(see the top for the final rotated and finished result)

so the decision to finish it from that perspective came pretty easy and fast, once i knew where i was going (who needs another bridge, rock or oldman style rock anyway :) ).

(the in-between images are derived from the final drawing, but were more or less similar – after every rotation you kind of commit to this new perspective and draw with it in mind, so its impossible to reconstruct them properly, just FYI)

that’s all folks, keep rotating! ;)

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