working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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“take a bath”

September 5, 2013


how lame is that? ;) to quote a movie character who quoted the wife of Archimedes of Syracuse? well you tell me ;) , but this wisdom is worth to be re-quoted anytime.

which brings me to my main point….  I took a break and went to a nice vacation in Croatia (and I loved every day of it ;) ) Being cut off TV and Internet, meant more photography, more walks, more “beach time” and way more discussions about the story…


so additionally to a great relaxing time, we locked down almost the entire story (just a few minor here and theres, but the overall thing is done).

so the next step is to create a list of all sets/items and characters…. then calculate it again and hope I don’t have to cut a lot :)

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