working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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production crunch report #1 — > Preparations

February 23, 2014 , , , ,


Hi everybody!
has it already been a month? damn!


but finally…

… it has begun.



We decided to move into production, starting in january’14. The goal was (and still is :) ) to create a playable (non-public) demo of the first 3 or 4 sets of the game. a proof of concept if you will.

But this also meant I finally had to finish and lock some of the set-designs. In december, I started sketching bashkit-like elements on paper, arranged/warped them digitally, and over-painted a lot until I was happy with the final layout..





one drawback of external help is clearly the amount of work needed to prepare all designs and references, to sketch and communicate changes, generally speaking to “produce”.

I broke up the set, added descriptions and references



The mushroom got moved to another set, that’s why its missing in the final layout.


Every element got its own card in Trello  (which is a great, free (online) tool to organize and track everything.) with every info available, and additional references/links.


Thats all for now!
I will cover the actual process of creating some assets next time…


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