working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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production crunch report #2 — > the first element

March 7, 2014 , , , ,


We went right into production after the first designs got finalised and locked. (which wasnt easy… even.. or.. especially because I’m the one sketching and approving them. ;) )


sculpting and retopo


Florian Stucki started working on our so-called “BottleRocks” element of the first set using ZBrush,


I imported all highres OBJs into 3dCoat (to add the last touches myself). Which also happened to be my first “real” session with 3dCoat… and, after some struggle, user errors, and several interface “facepalms”, it ended up feeling quite nice (especially for rocks and hard-surface stuff).


3dCoats retopo process was fast an easy, but the baking process took forever. I’ve invested around a workday for additional sculpting, but the bake (rebake, and rerebake) process took probably even longer. 3dCoat always produced some (and sometimes a lot) artefacts, and outputted really weird EXRs. (the difference scaling was totally off, so I had to manually match it (Pi*Thumb)).

But after all the work and love we put into this element it would have been a shame to live with sub-par displacements, so I tried to bake it with Mudbox. This time I ended up with way better results, but it took literally hours to bake one rock (some have 20-30mio polygons). And because there is at least some trial&error involved, it would have probably taken days to finish it.

I did end up baking the maps in Softimage, which took around 5mins/rock, and brought decent results (after several tries I must admit ).

Eventually, those six different rocks became the base (instance sources) for most of the “stonework” in the following image. The chicken bone was sculpted and retopo/baked by Florian Stucki  (simply beautiul….for what it is ;) )


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