working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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production crunch report #5 — > a quick status update inbetween

April 19, 2014 , ,


Hi everybody!

I’m sorry for the lack of updated recently, stupid enough it’s not because we don’t have enough new stuff to show, more because I couldn’t motivate myself enough to write an update (which is the sad but honest truth ;) )


progress of the first set..


The shading, texturing and lighting of the first set is coming to an end, The original resolution is 10K wide, so there has to be a lot of detail to look somewhat convincing.

I’m still not really happy with the overall style, but its pretty hard to look at it objectively after 2 months staring at it. I’m currently working on the next set, but will most likely return to it in a few weeks.. (or when the ship model is ready to be imported ;) ). There are still several elements missing (mostly foreground objects, but also some “hero” objects). anyway this is the status-quo:





prototyping the story….


The prototype montage video is not yet finished, because I spend the last weeks creating a story prototype with the “interactive fiction” engine Quest.

(I know them as text adventures, but seems like IF is more fitting in modern times ;) )  It is a really nice way to test the story and complexity of the game.


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