working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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production crunch report #6 — > a brief look behind the curtain

May 12, 2014 , ,


I’m working on the text adventure at the moment (it’s about 60% done), but I try to work on the 3D sets regularly, to keep the tiny renderfarm busy. (every wasted night is a wasted revision ;) )


some stats  

some production stats for all tech savvy guys out there ;)

softimage, lowres geometry triangles in scene:                             ~    9 million
arnold, unique triangles (including displacements and Hair):    ~   89 million
arnold, visible triangles (including everything, like instances):   ~ 318 million


Arnold peaks at around 14gb ram, which is pretty awesome if you consider the complexity of the set (basically every object is displaced (4K, but mostly 8K textures).

The rendertime is about 12 hours on a uptodate i7 to render a 5000 * 1500 frame, which means, for my final resolution of 10000 * 3000 it will be about 48 hours / frame. (Gladly I only have to render two, and not hundreds ;) (the two are split into different passes though)), eventually it will sum up to around 160 hours for this set (my guess).




It’s still a work in progress (Babette is working on the ship model, and I’m still tuning the look and overall set assembly), but we are getting close. ;) I’ll start working on the third prototype in a few weeks. (after the text-adventure), exciting times ;)

That’s all!


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