working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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first slooow status update 2015.

February 19, 2015


Hi everybody!

This update is really overdue, sorry for that! I was extremely busy in December and January (not a lot of Mold I’m afraid…. but we all need to eat ;) ), followed by a (still active) cold / flu. But I’m slowly recovering and fighting my way back into the project – which is a pretty unpleasant experience….. there is always the feeling I forgot everything (the parts of the job which are not hammered into my muscle memory ;) like Unity for example) but it’s getting better…. slowly.


So any news?


We posted our december gameplay video on a hand full of Facebook groups and forums, and got exclusively positive resonance. Quite a lot people liked it, some even shared, reblogged or posted it on their favorite forum (Thanks all of you!!! it’s an amazing experience (and motivational boost) to see people talking about it) and this certainly increased the pressure to finish this massive undertaking of a game.

and to top the good news, Tobias Schlage (edit: changed URL), a young thriving artist volunteered to support us as rigger and characteranimator… awesome news, welcome to the team, Tobias!



The rare free hours I had left in January, were used to work on the animation cycles of our little green protagonist. Eventually I got to the point of finishing three Idle cycles, as well as the walk and walk-stop cycles.




and what’s next?


well, I still have to add a proper facerig to the protagonist, which has to work with the current rig and body animation. Eventually i also have to create all “run”, “interaction” or whatever animation cycles which are still missing…

Babette is currently finishing another tiny, flying side character to bring a little more variation into our fauna.


and I promised to create a more detailed breakdown of the prototype.. The plan is to create a few blog posts covering the main aspects of all techniques used.. so stay tuned if you are interested! (but don’t hold your breath :) )

It’s not carved in stone (depends on how busy we are in our regular jobs), but I’d love to start another production sprint beginning of April, to get the first three sets to final (and hopefully to progress a bit in areas like interface design)… but lets see…

That’s all for this time folks, we hope you like it!


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