working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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August 21, 2015 , ,


Hi everybody!

The last six months were.. well… pretty crazy,….. I got one job after another – some even overlapped – and being a freelancer, ;) I usually take what I’m able to get, especially if I get offered such amazing opportunities like this year. So my progress on Mold was comparably trivial so far in 2015. Unfortunately….


;) anyway…
soooo besides the tomato…

…what’s new?


The second set progressed quite a lot and is pretty close to be finished. A few details here and there, the low res geometry and last but not least the characters are still on the todo list.Uzara_room_comp_v44_small


The third set (strictly speaking it is the first set you encounter in the game) is coming along as well… it’s basically as far as the second set and primarily misses the characters and some additional look development (it’s not good enough to show yet, obviously ;) )


and I’ve continued to work on the main character’s animations, this is the movie I use to test the cycles before everything gets implemented. Some clips (and all phonemes and emotions) are still missing, though.


That’s all for this time,
have a good one!



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