working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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irons in the fire….

December 9, 2015 ,

…. and lots of ’em. :)


Hi everybody!

While it’s a constant battle to find a free minute for Mold, we managed to work on all (started) sets and assets quite regularly… but without – actually – finishing something. I wouldn’t call our desired quality level too high, just veeery high ;) which makes even small models quite the tasks and time-sinks to be honest.


“daddy longlegs”

Babette started this fellow some time ago (I just lighted, rendered this rough and noisy image, besides of the character design) and is currently animating the clips/cycles needed for the game (which look pretty funny and awesome already). There are still some shading and texturing issues, but it’s definitely on the right track and close to be finished.



“the aphid”

Babette also modeled and base textured this little critter, I continued with texturing and shading and got it to this (still not rigged) state. The character is extremely tiny, so it’s definitely a bit over detailed. (and we know it, but still, it’s so hard to stop at a lower detail level)


That’s all for this time, have a nice one!




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