working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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to our developer blog of “mold”, a modern Adventure game currently in production.

for First-Timers and all those brave men battling against the boredom of Friday afternoons..

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a tomato, with bad intentions

July 20, 2015


Hi everybody!

I finally had the chance (and free time ;) ) to detail, shade and texture the “dead mayors” watchdog. He is one of the obstacles the player’s going to encounter in Mold.

Now, when i think about, “Heinz” would be good name (you can clearly see his german ancestry ;) )



Beautifully sculpted by Tobias Schlage, with a little bit support from Babette Kahn.


the sculpt is a based on a design (and matches it pretty well btw. ) i did about a year ago.


rough side character sketches #18

December 4, 2013


trading pen with pencil………. rough side character sketches #17

September 23, 2013


the story is very close to be completed (and I suspect it won’t leave this state until the very final months of production ;) , …. soooo) i’m back working on concept designs..

rough side character sketches #15

April 14, 2013

a new (and the final) version of the aubergine… the fly was more of a fun doodle, but in case we need a fitting design, it’s there. ;)…… mhhh… but when i think about it, the two could make a great team :)


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