working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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not much going on….

June 2, 2013

I’m in the phase of finishing two commercial projects (one will end today *knock on wood, the other one is due in 1-2 weeks). So, unfortunately nothing “mold-specific” got done.

but (to save the day ;) ) i did concepts a few weeks or even months ago which have never seen the (blog)light, sooooo

a diorama style set asset… not sure when or how to use it, but i basically like it 130602_set_concept_diarama_A

the last few weeks…..

May 23, 2013 1 Comment

I missed my “posts from now on thursday” deadline a few times already, but commercial jobs are piling up, so what can you do (greed in its purity :) ). even my massive renderfarm (three nodes ;) ) is crunching numbers 24/7 at the moment (at least when I’m able to feed it properly).

but since i skipped the post on last thursday and sunday……

…what went on with Mold?

Babette sacrificed a weekend and finished the modeling and rigging of the ant. YAY! ;) one step closer to have a playable character….

I burned time on Scene01 again ;) but now I’m pretty sure I got it right… unfortunately that’s not the version I post today ;) (the other one isn’t on paper yet)

the paper drawing (of the “sort of” version):

and the (fast)refined digital version for the prototype:

We also started to work on 3D layout sets in Softimage, which will eventually replace the 2D sketches.. It’s simply too much hassle to change/redraw the 2D ones, and having them in 3D is going to save some time  later (because it’s a “must have” step anyway) but I’ll cover this process later in more detail (…the prototype is going to be way more ugly (you could say “rough”) than I thought :D but who cares) ….

that’s all folks!

research: length/complexity of “Monkey Island 1”

May 13, 2013 2 Comments

ok, I finally finished it. (thank god I have this one off my back ;) ) I can’t claim it’s 100% error free (I’m too busy at the moment to have a clear head / the time to recheck it several times, to be absolutely sure ;) in case you find something, please drop me note)


I didn’t upload an additional bigsized JPEG this time, so here is the vector PDF:


just a note on the side: the blog will be updated every thursday night, from now on.

3D production: the main character

May 7, 2013 1 Comment

yay! ;)
ok, ok… he isn’t really 100%, but close… (some distinct details are still missing, so let’s say he is at 80%…. mhhh…well that doesn’t sound close at all ;) ), but it’ll have to do for now. Babette modeled the base character and walnut, I’ve modeled his “tools” and textured / shaded him.

here is a 360 lights test, the last step and final check of the shading process….

Status Report.

April 29, 2013

Hi everybody!

sorry, I’m running late with this weeks update…. my workload maxed out over the last weeks, so I had a hard time committing any time to mold. Writing this post almost feels like a luxury… even if it’s kinda work, too ;)

so what happened, whats the status?

  • I have worked on the main character over the last month and finished all accessories (“all” = three ;) ), and about 90% of the main body.. this process was screen captured almost all the way through, which brings me to…
  • … the editing of 3 short makingOf videos (of about 8? not totally sure yet..), which unfortunately caused a lot of collateral work (experimenting with capture codecs, designing/creating the intro and outro, finding fitting music, .. uhh …. lots of editing, and the usual nightmarish compression action.) – but i think they came out real nicely, so I’ll cross my fingers that at least someone’s gonna like them (i’ll prepare my fan, in case a shitstorm raises ;) ) I’ll post these monthly(maybe biweekly at best), one at the time, to give me a (slight) chance to keep up…
  • Babette finished the modeling and rigging of the ant, the next step will be UVs and shaders.
  • the size/length analysis of Monkey Island 1 is finished aswell, it just needs a final check or two before i am willing to post it.
  • and last but not least the story got a little bit of love, and I’m still somewhat stuck (design wise) on scene_01… other scenes progress nicely (slow though).

sooooo and whats next?

  • mhhh i’ll have to throw an eye on social networks :/ I’ve managed to avoid it completly until now (i’m not the social type anyway :D ), but i’ll give it a shot when there is some downtime.
  • I need to finish up the main character including ant, and create a nice teaser image.. and consequently finish recording / editing the first badge of makingOfs….
  • the same time, start the 3D production of an approved background, and head towards a playable proof of concept.
  • lock down the story, and develope the game as rough prototype… (and that’s “in the far future”)

.. still a very long way to go….

that’s all folks!

rough side character sketches #15

April 14, 2013

a new (and the final) version of the aubergine… the fly was more of a fun doodle, but in case we need a fitting design, it’s there. ;)…… mhhh… but when i think about it, the two could make a great team :)


progress everywhere, but at a glacial pace

March 24, 2013

while there is progress on almost all fronts (new background and character concepts, new stuff in 3D, etc.), I’m still overwhelmed by the mountain of work still to come.. and even worse (motivational speaking) I’m still unhappy with the beginning of the game…. well you could say, I’m stuck… (at 95% since months! which annoys the c**p out of me, to tell you the truth) I already tried and failed to fix it several times, so I think I’m in desperate need for a vacation to clear my head and get some needed distance… (before resorting to the usual solution of a stuck writer: alcohol :) )

but as long I’m still here (and still sober ;)) that’s what we are currently up to:

my main focus lies on the 3D production of the protagonist, to create our first print teaser image (poster style, which is like the first thing everybody creates) I even dare to make the hypothesis that close to all aborted, abandoned, and forgotten game/shortfilm projects had at least a poster with some fancy credits….. :)

We also started screengrabbing our 3D sessions, so if the resulting image is any good ;) and time permits it, you can expect a series of 3-10min movies of the entire process. (well almost….. some modeling was done some time ago by Babette and wasnt recorded).

so stay tuned!

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