working title: MOLD

working title: MOLD

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rough main character sketches #1

September 14, 2012

ta-ta-tatata… some sketches of the “hero”


rough side character sketches #7

September 12, 2012

the truffel with alternative hat and one of his goons/officers….

jobs done, back in business…

September 4, 2012

After working on a commercial(Leibniz) and an imagefilm(Panasonic) for the last 6 weeks, i finally had some free time to continue working on Mold. My current focus still lies on the story and on some basic setdesigns to build up the prototype (currently “developed” using the Visionaire engine).

Set design ideas and basic concepts

August 4, 2012

These concepts were created a few months ago, (during the soccer euro-championship games my girlfriend _had_ to watch ;) ) and were meant to get ideas and to layout some backgrounds…

after scanning them (yes! good `ol paper) I loaded the first sketch into the game engine and “click-constructed” a fast prototype to test it…. (big surprise ;) ) the proportions were totally off, so I had to adjust them pretty heavily. (i`ll cover the hole process in more detail later)

rough side character sketches #5

July 28, 2012

probably the last bunch of characters for a while…. the story has progressed far enough to create most set designs, so i`ll going to work on those to get a rough prototype up and running asap (maybe this year? :) i hope so )…. kinda like an interactive storyboard with audio ;) if you like

mhhhh… milestone adjustments ;)

July 22, 2012

I was busy working on commercials in the last weeks  (i gotta eat somehow ;) ), so i had to adjust the current milestone to a more “realistic” date for the moment.

The story was recreated in ApacheOpenOffice, and is still progressing  nicely… but I have to admit, It is far more complicated to plan an adventuregame than i expected (or appreciated :) ) in the first place. The closer you get, the harder it goes, and with the increasing complexity, it has become  a real pain to work the game through every time  from start to finish.

I`ll try to get it all done this year (Research, Story, Concepts and RnD), and focus on the actual production beginning of  2013.

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